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Chemical description                   : Acrylic-vinyl copolymer emulsion.

Supplier                                 : Gelie Co., Ltd.

No. 86, Wen Hua Road, Hsinchu Industrial Park,

30353, Taiwan

    Emergency telephone                                     : +886-3-597-8868~9

2.    Composition/information on ingredients

Conc. wt.%



Acrylic-vinyl copolymer




3.    Possible Hazards

Critical hazards to man and environment    : none

4.    First aid measures

   General advise                                                     : remove contaminated clothing

   On skin contact                                                   : wash thoroughly with soap and water

   On contact with eyes                                         : wash affected eyes for at least 15 minutes under running water with eyelids held open, consult an eye specialist

On ingestion                                                         : immediately rinse mouth and summon physician

5.    Fire fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media                          : Water spray, dry extinguishing media, foam, and carbon dioxide

6.    Accidental release measures

After spillage/leakage/gas leakage:

Large spillages should be pumped into containers; soak up remainder with absorbent material (e.g. Kieselgur). Small spillages can be swilled away with water. Waste water must be disposed of correctly.

7.    Handling and storage

Advice on safe handling                                   : No special measures necessary

Storage                                                                  : Store protected against freezing

8.    Exposure controls and personal protection

Personal protective equipment

Eye protection                                                     : goggles

General safety and hygiene measures:

Hands and / or face should be washed before breaks and at the end of the shift. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged skin contact.

9.    Physical and chemical properties

Form                                                                       : polymer dispersed in water

Color                                                                       : white

Order                                                                      : light emulsion odor

   Change in physical state

   Solidification temperature                                : <0

   Boiling point                                                         : >100

   Flash point                                                            : not applicable

   Explosion limits

   Lower                                                                     : none

   Upper                                                                     : none

   Ignition temperature                                           : not applicable

   Vapor pressure at 20                                      : 24 mbar

   Density at 20                                                    : approx. 1.05 g/cm3

   Solubility in water                                               : miscible

   pH value                                                                : 7.0 ± 0.5

   Viscosity at 25                                                 : 120 ± 40 cps

10.   Stability and reactivity

Thermal decomposition                                    : No decomposition if used correctly

Hazardous reactions                                         : No dangerous reaction known

11.   Toxicological information

In our experience and according to information available to us the product is not harmful to health provided it is correctly handled and processed according to the given recommendations.

12.   Ecological information

No information available.

13.   Disposal considerations

Waste from residues/unused products         : Dispose of as special waste in compllance with local and national regulations.

Contaminated packaging                                 : Empty containers. Empty containers should be taken for local recycling, recovery or waste disposal.

14.   Transport information

UN-No:                                                                   Marine pollutent:


Class:                                                                      Item:

TREM-CARD:                                                        HI/UN No.:

Proper shipping name                                       : Not classified as dangerous in the meaning of road and railway transport regulations.


Class:                                                                     IMDG Page:

EmS:                                                                       MFAG:

Proper shipping name                                       : Not classified as dangerous in the meaning of sea and air transport regulations.


Class:                                                                     UN/ID No:

Proper shipping name                                       : Not classified as dangerous in the meaning of transport regulations.

15.   Regulatory information


The product does not need to be labeled in accordance with EC directives or respective national laws.

16.   Other information

The information provided in this Material Safety Data Sheet is correct to the best of our knowledge, information and belief at the date of its publication The information given is designed only as a guidance for safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release and is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification The information relates only to the specific material designated and hay not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process unless specified in the text.


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